David Melendez

David Melendez was born in 1983 in Zaragoza, Spain. He has a Bachelor Computer Degree by Wales University. Nowadays works as R&D software engineer for TV Studio manufacturer company, Albalá Ingenieros in Madrid. He has won several prices in robotic tournamens in Spain, and has been a speaker in several conferences worldwide about drones architecture and security.

Drone Privacy and Security Threats
In today’s world, consumer-grade, professional and even police-grade Wi-Fi-operated drones offer threats in terms of security and safety. Drones are sensitive to hijacking attacks, but on the other hand, can be used to hijack other drones, for spying, or even as attack platforms to critical infrastructures. The presentation will address state-of-the-art Wi-Fi-drone security with specific Wi-Fibased solutions designed for the drone world. It will review how drones can be protected against hijacking and radio jamming attacks, and how this technology can be used as attacking platforms against wireless networks.