Rod Cowan

Rod is the Strategic Advisor to the Dubai-based Emirates Group Security/Edith Cowan University Centre of Aviation and Security Studies (CASS). Through Edith Cowan University, his research focus has been on communication issues in the security and ALW enforcement context, notably inter-racial communication, social media, and open source risk. He has conducted workshops for and consulted with law enforcement, intelligence agencies, government entities and corporations in Australia, Middle East, UK and the EU on how digital communications and social media, although providing many benefits, also represents serious threats to governments, business, communities and individuals.

Rod has contributed for over 30 years to security on a number of levels and assists in various Government investigations and corporate research – for example, he is a Research Fellow with the Research Network for a Secure Australia (
and convenor of its Safeguarding Australia Annual Summit in Canberra. He is the Writer/Director for the Security is Your Business collaborative project, Editor-at-large for Security Solutions magazine, and a founding director and current Director of Philanthropy for the Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc.