Peter O’Connell

Peter spent his early career in the UK Special Forces where he served as a counter terrorist team leader and specialized in other specialist skills. Upon leaving the military, he served as an officer in the UAE Armed Forces as an advisor and trainer to the
Special Operations Group in Abu Dhabi. He is the preferred Lloyds Register MENA security consultant and represents Lloyds throughout MENA, he is a member of the Security Institute, ASIS and OSAC, certified in crisis and security risk management.

He has trained upwards of 1500 Company Security Officers (CSO’s), Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO’s) and Ship Security Officers (SSO’s) on behalf of Lloyds Register. Peter has worked on tier one close protection team of the first Prime Minister to Iraq,
Dr Iliad Alawi. He was also responsible for CNN in Iraq and Afghanistan and was instrumental to CNN entering Kabul where he set up all life support and conducted all appropriate threat risk assessments for the CNN bureau.

Peter is responsible for all company risk and crisis management business and heads up our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)