Nick KaldasKey Note Speaker

"Nick Kaldas was a Police Officer for over 34 years, and was Deputy Commissioner of New South Wales (NSW) Police Force in Sydney Australia for nine years. NSW Police Force is the largest in Australia, with over 20,000 staff, and a budget exceeding A$3 billion. Nick’s career has primarily been in counter terrorism, major crime investigations and operations, including emergency management, armed robbery, and major drug investigations, covert operations, community policing and over a decade in Homicide investigations. He has relieved extensively in the role of Commissioner.

For some years he was in command of Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command, the central unit responsible for all investigative, and intelligence activity in countering terrorism, as well as prevention, preparedness and response to both high risk situations and all acts of politically motivated violence and terrorism, and he was a member of the Australian National Counter Terrorism Committee for 7 years. He also held the statutory position of State Emergency Operations Controller in his jurisdiction, commanding all planning, preparation and operations in Emergency Management.

He served in Iraq in 2004/5 as Deputy Chief Police Adviser for Coalition Forces, rebuilding the Iraqi National Police; and in 2009/10 as Chief of Investigations with the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon, investigating the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri and 21 other related murders or attempted murders, and in 2016 he served as Chief of Investigations with the UN/OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism, leading the investigation into the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict.

He is currently the Director of Internal Oversight Services in the United Nations (Relief and Works Agency), based in Amman, Jordan. He is responsible for various functions including Investigations, Audit, Evaluation and the Ethics units. His area of responsibility revolves around Palestinian camps administered by UNRWA in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank and Gaza.