Conference Topics


Effectively Managing Cyber Security & Places of Mass Gathering in Today’s World

In recent years, places of mass gathering have come under increased scrutiny regarding the ability to protect and secure visitors or daily traffic, whether from
malicious threats or natural disaster. A surge in the worldwide reliance on technology has often endeavoured to support ease of flow and safety in these
places, but manipulation of the cyber sphere can lead to disaster when left unchecked.

CYMASS 2017 Security Conference is aimed at high-level decision makers around the globe seeking expert guidance on securing places of mass gathering via
traditional methods and integrating effective cyber security frameworks.

Presented by Emirates Security Group and Austability, the inaugural conference will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in February 2017, and focuses on
the link between cyber threats, trends & developments, and their influence on securing places of mass gathering. The conference will present two days of
industry-focused expertise, during which subject matter experts and industry exhibitors will deliver a prudent combination of strategy and security designed
to protect places of mass gathering, with specific reference to cyber security.

Conference topics and discussions will include:

  • The Grave Cost of Disruptions Caused at Mass Gatherings through Cyber Attack.
  • Looking at Cyber Security and its influence on today’s mass gatherings: Exploring the types of disruptions that can be caused at mass gatherings as a result of malicious cyber breakdown.
  • The latest developments in perimeter surveillance through detection software and hardware.
  • Securing mass transportation venues
  • Technologies & Trends to Manage, Control and Avoid disruptions that can be caused at mass gatherings through Cyber Security
  • Disaster prevention, emergency readiness, response and recovery in our most popular tourist hotspots!

The CYMASS Conference will host senior-level industry representatives looking to develop their operational effectiveness in securing and protecting places of mass gathering with particular focus on cyber security. These include CEO’s, managing directors, professional advisors, sector specialists, government directors and sector SMEs.