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Effectively Managing Cyber Security & Places of Mass Gathering in Today’s World

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April 10 & 11 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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What is CYMASS?


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CYMASS 2018 is the first-ever international conference focusing on the link between cyber threats, trends & developments, and their influence on securing places of mass gathering.
Billed as the most comprehensive and professional industry briefing to feature on the 2018 calendar, CYMASS offers unparalleled, one-on-one access to sector decision-makers and top industry experts.
Presented by Emirates Group Security and Austability, the CYMASS 2018 Security Conference will present two days of industry-focused expertise, during which subject matter experts and industry exhibitors will deliver a prudent combination of strategy and security designed to protect places of mass gathering, with specific reference to cyber security.
The conference is aimed at high-level decision makers around the globe seeking expert guidance on securing places of mass gathering via traditional methods and integrating effective cyber security frameworks.


Austability to Organise the Second Edition of CYMASS Conference

Austability, a prominent think tank in the global security industry, returns in partnership with Emirates Group Security, to assist the industry with strategies to protect places of mass gathering with the second edition of the Cyber World and Securing places of Mass Gathering (CYMASS) conference which will be held in Dubai on 10-11 April 2018.
At this unique industry platform, participants from the safety, security, crisis, and risk management domains will be able to share their experience in, and approaches to securing places of mass gathering while using cyber technology as an ally rather than an unknown variable.
This latest event follows the success of the inaugural edition of the CYMASS conference in 2017.

In keeping with a growing number of government bodies and organisations around the world, Austability recognises that the sustainable solution to global security threats has to be capacity building. The adversaries of peace are ever more sophisticated in their strategic objectives, resources acquisition and operations, therefore the threats to individual liberty are more widespread than ever before and cannot be serviced by operational services or enforcement alone.
Austability is an Australian-owned organisation committed and focused on providing a complete capacity building solution for Countering Terrorism and Transnational Crimes, and addressing areas and drivers of these phenomena.Austability developed and launched CYMASS in 2017 in partnership with Emirates Group Security.
CYMASS is the first international platform of its kind that focuses on where the worlds of Cyber meet places of Mass gathering and how the two can work in harmony to provide safe and secure places for people attending large-scale events. The world can no longer treat physical security separate to Cyber Security.
For lasting stability, Austability strives to inspire and provide law enforcement, defence, government, and individuals within these organisations with the knowledge and confidence to forge their own approaches in establishing order in the communities they serve. Austability endeavours to enable independent change.

Why is Emirates Group Security Partnered with CYMASS?
“The world is facing security challenges that are increasingly complex and multi-faceted. The landscape of security has changed drastically over the last few years and will continue to evolve. Traditional security measures of surveillance and access control continue to be important, but their effectiveness must also be felt in the cyber security space. Organisations and individuals are becoming more dependent on technology, automation, the internet, mobile devices, and other tools that the technological revolution has created. Against this backdrop of rapid technological progress, cyber-threats have become a serious challenge which require immediate, continuous action. Corporate and individual users of the cyber-space are constantly struggling to ensure an acceptable level of security with respect to their assets. It therefore becomes vital to understand the nature of these risks and to develop strategies to counter these risks,” said Dr. Abdullah Al Hashimi, Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates Group Security.

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