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Effectively Managing Cyber Security & Places of Mass Gathering in Today’s World


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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What is CYMASS?


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CYMASS 2018 is the first-ever international conference focusing on the link between cyber threats, trends & developments, and their influence on securing places of mass gathering.

Billed as the most comprehensive and professional industry briefing to feature on the 2018 calendar, CYMASS offers unparalleled, one-on-one access to sector decision-makers and top industry experts.

Presented by Emirates Group Security and Austability, the CYMASS 2018 Security Conference will present two days of industry-focused expertise, during which subject matter experts and industry exhibitors will deliver a prudent combination of strategy and security designed to protect places of mass gathering, with specific reference to cyber security.

The conference is aimed at high-level decision makers around the globe seeking expert guidance on securing places of mass gathering via traditional methods and integrating effective cyber security frameworks.


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